News | 19.10.2023

Merus Power relocated to a new facility in Ylöjärvi, Finland

Merus Power has moved to new, larger premises in Ylöjärvi, Finland. The relocation of the headquarters and factory has led to a significant increase in...

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Blog | 10.10.2023

Understanding power quality challenges in water and wastewater treatment plants

Water and wastewater treatment plants play a critical role in maintaining public health and environmental safety. These facilities are laden with a complex network of...

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News | 2.10.2023

Merus Power modernizes the compensator system of the Electric Arc Furnace at Ovako Imatra’s steel plant in Finland

Merus Power supplies an 70 Mvar Static Var Compensator (Merus® SVC) modernization for Ovako Imatra’s steel plant in Imatra, Finland. The scope of supply includes...

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Events | 29.9.2023

Merus Power attending Wind Finland 2023

We are excited to announce that Merus Power will be participating in Wind Finland 2023, taking place on October 4 in Helsinki, Finland at Kaapelitehdas....

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Blog | 22.9.2023

How HVAC systems contribute to power quality issues in data centers

Data centers serve as the backbone of modern society. They house the servers that keep the digital world running, from the websites we visit to...

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Events | 12.9.2023

Join Merus Power at the Perumin 36th Mining Convention in Peru

Merus Power is joining the upcoming Perumin 36th Mining Convention in Arequipa, Peru from 25 to 29 September, emphasizing the vital role of power quality...

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Blog | 22.8.2023

Merus® 4DRIVES vs. Active Front End Drives: The power quality showdown

In the realm of power quality solutions, choosing the right technology can make all the difference. If you’re interested in understanding the advantages of Merus...

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Blog | 22.8.2023

Solving industry woes: Introducing Merus® 4DRIVES

Have you ever been faced with unexplained equipment malfunctions, insufficient power supply, or frustrating unplanned stops in your industrial operations? Are you worried about complying...

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Blog | 16.8.2023

Empowering production capacity in the metallurgical industry

The metallurgical industry stands at the core of the global economy, supplying vital materials for various applications. However, the energy-intensive processes involved, such as steel...

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Blog | 29.6.2023

Grid stabilization with battery energy storage system

Battery energy storage has emerged as a key technology for supporting the transition to a greener future. As renewable energy sources like solar and wind...

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News | 16.6.2023

Introducing Merus® MERUSCOPE™, our cloud-based IoT service for enhanced device management experience

Introducing Merus® MERUSCOPE™, our cloud-based IoT service enhancing device management. We’re excited to announce the official launch of this innovative solution, providing a comprehensive platform...

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Blog | 15.6.2023

Why use Static Var Compensators in the metallurgical industry?

The metallurgical industry is a crucial sector of the global economy, producing various products ranging from automobiles to construction materials. The production process in this...

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