Merus® Solutions
in renewable energy systems

Renewable energy comes from virtually inexhaustible natural resources that are continuously replenished over time or can be sustained.

Lately, renewable energy became a key contributor to creating a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for our modern society. Unfortunately, the intermittent nature and inherent limitations of renewable energy make their production and beneficial utilization rather difficult. Their integration into the power grid comes with its own technical challenges as well. In addition, as the production of weather-sensitive renewable energy increases, the need to regulate grid frequency becomes more and more important. The increase in renewable energy also increases the required capacity of grid supporting services.

Merus Power has been operating for over a decade and we have delivered innovative solutions to over 70 different countries around the world. Our Merus® Solutions are based on scalable and modular technology, which enables the use of our products and services in a wide range of different application needs. In renewable energy applications we have achieved, among others, more profitable operations, compliance with demanding grid code criteria, increased power generation, and enhanced grid stability.

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