Energy storage system in distribution center with solar power production

Merus® ESS battery energy storage system helps the distribution center combine solar power production with the electricity markets. The challenge of the distribution center is to manage the indoor temperature reliably and efficiently. The energy management system of the distribution center utilizes both renewable solar energy produced by their solar panels and energy purchased from the electricity market. Merus® ESS ensures efficient and uninterrupted cooperation of these energy sources.

Merus® Energy Storage System – part of a microgrid

A 2.6 MW / 1.55 MWh 20 kV Li-ion battery energy storage system provides a buffer for excess solar production for later use and enables emergency diesel generators’ (2×1300 kVA) network connection in real-time. The energy storage also executes a peak shaving where maximum peak power demand is compensated from the storage, so the power intake from the network will be stabilized. The energy storage enhances the power quality and minimizes the losses in different electrical components, such as transformers, cables, etc. It also extends the lifetime of different electrical devices and components.

The energy storage is participating in the well-paid national frequency regulation reserve markets (FCR) and also bridges the emergency generators to the markets.

Segment / Application

Commercial building – Distribution center with solar power production


Järvenpää, Finland


Supporting a 60,000 m2 distribution center with solar power storage and participating in the frequency reserve markets for revenue.

Merus® Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Energy and cost savings
  • Participation in the frequency reserve markets
  • Solar power optimization
  • Off-grid capability
  • Improved power quality

Scope of supply

Full turn-key contractor’s responsibility including manufacturing, installation, and commissioning works. Delivery of Transformers, MV-Switchgear, Power Conversion System (PCS), Battery System – all installed and delivered in an air-conditioned fire-protected container. An Energy Management System (EMS) and its integration into External Energy Trading system. PCS’s integration to Battery Management System.

The energy storage service contract includes annual maintenance and spare parts management. Remote monitoring and operation support with performance and energy storage condition reports.

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