Merus® Services

Merus® Services ensure the optimal operation and return on our customers’ investments throughout their life cycle. We provide a wide range of support services together with our local and global partner network.

We make it our priority, that our customers get the best out of our solutions. We pride ourselves in exceeding our customers’ expectations and that can only be achieved if our solutions are operating at their highest efficiency and productivity levels at all times. Apart from cost-effective and flexible service agreements, we offer power quality studies and analyses, installation and commissioning services, spare parts, and training and support. With our smart IoT Web Service called Merus® MERUSCOPE, we are able to provide both remote and on-site services.

As a company with extensive knowledge of power quality, Merus Power delivers unmatched expertise from problem definition to solution identification and implementation, together with a local and global distribution network.

Cybersecurity matters are exceptionally important for Merus Power. On the one hand, they lead our day-to-day work and the control of our operations, and on the other hand, they play a key role in information security and software design in the products we manufacture. We have a team of qualified service specialists extended by an experienced and competent partner network in place to help you. Our service engineers work closely together with our R&D team.

Power quality studies and analyses

Opportunity to assess the current status of various power quality parameters and benchmark them against applicable power quality standards. The findings of the power quality measurements and recommendations for possible solutions can be presented in a post-measurement power quality report.

Merus® Smart IoT Web Services

Merus® MERUSCOPE™ allows remote control and access to Merus® Solutions to check current status and historical data without the need to visit on-site.

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Installation and commissioning

Buyers of our Merus® Solutions will be provided with basic installation and commissioning services as required. For larger projects, installation supervision and commissioning will be conducted by Merus Engineers.

Operation and service agreements, and spare parts

We specialize in service agreements and spare parts management, offering tailored packages for maintenance, repairs, and support. We ensure efficient equipment upkeep and minimal downtime. With our comprehensive solutions, businesses can optimize operations and minimize disruptions.

Technical training and support

Our partners receive free-of-charge product training and general power quality training. We also provide technical training for larger audiences in special topics and design all training programs to meet the customer’s individual needs.

Do you have any questions?

Do you own Merus® Solutions? In case of questions and technical issues, please contact our Service Team. We can help diagnose issues and fix problems.

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