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Data centers play a vital role in today’s society, so it is crucial to secure their trouble-free and smooth operation. With customers always expecting nothing less than 100% availability and reliability, data centers must be efficient and error-free every second of the day. Even a short power cut or failure of any kind can disrupt their processes and end up causing serious issues. To ensure the safety and satisfaction of customers and the reliability of machines, data centers have invested a lot in both cyber and physical security. However, data centers might easily overlook one section of security, which is poor power quality. 

With a large number of IT equipment, like servers and computers, that adds up to substantial power requirements, data centers are highly susceptible to common power quality problems, such as harmonics, voltage unbalances, interruptions, and transients. 

Poor power quality and unreliable power supply can cause service interruptions, downtime, losses in resources and productivity, and in the worst case, lost data. This means the entire infrastructure and the equipment critical to the functioning of these facilities are at risk. In addition, customer service is bound to go down with poor power quality and reliability. This ultimately brings down the level of customer satisfaction which in turn affects the client base of a particular facility. 

Merus® Solutions improving power quality
in data centers

  • Power continuity and high process reliability
  • Mitigation of nuisance tripping
  • Reduction in heat losses
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Extended lifetime of electrical equipment in the plant
  • Compliance with grid codes including IEEE 519, G5/4, EN 50160, and also other power quality standards and regulations
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