Solar power

Customer challenges in solar power systems

PV farms are intermittent and non-dispatchable sources of electricity and they can inherently suffer from weather variability, stability, and non-synchronous power generation. These are caused by factors like solar radiation only available during the daytime, various weather conditions, seasons, etc. For instance, high midday PV generation can lead to over-generation which may result in the curtailment of energy due to transmission constraints or possibilities of power system destabilization. In addition to these challenges, solar farms may also be a source of various power quality problems such as harmonic distortions.

Merus® Solutions improving power quality
in solar power systems

  • More profitable solar power plant
  • Improved forecasting
  • Minimizing curtailment of the energy
  • Enabling energy arbitrage
  • Defers investments for the upgrade of transmission and distribution grids
  • Compliance with demanding grid code criteria
  • Enhanced grid stability with increased integration of solar generation

Benefits of Merus® ESS Energy Storage
in solar power systems

  • Participation in the frequency response services for additional income
  • Peak power limit, power ramp limit
  • Full solar power generation capacity utilization by storing excess electrical energy
  • Possibility to use excess energy during consumption peaks
  • Additional income and reduced payback time
  • Large market price variations create earning opportunities
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