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Customer challenges
in the oil & gas industry

Isolated power grids are typically weak and commonly found in mining, marine, and oil and gas applications. Large and dynamic loads on isolated power grids with low fault levels cause numerous power quality issues, including higher harmonic distortion, flicker, rapid voltage variation, and poor power factor. Such power quality problems lead to frequent breakdowns of sensitive electronic equipment, energy losses, and even costly blackouts. To increase the short-circuit level, conventional solutions, such as running additional gensets, require additional investments and higher recurring costs in terms of fuel and engine maintenance. Also, conventional solutions do not reduce high harmonic distortion produced by non-linear loads like Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on isolated grids.

Applications like offshore oil drilling rigs, onshore oil drilling rigs, oil and gas pumping stations, refineries, etc.

Merus® Solutions improving power quality
in the oil & gas industry

  • Fewer diesel gensets and more effective short-circuit capacity
  • Fuel and energy savings
  • High process reliability
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Extended lifetime of electrical equipment
  • Compliance with strict grid codes including IEEE 519, G5/4, EN 50160, and also other power quality standards and regulations
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