Unbalance Calculator

This application is your tool to estimate the effect of load unbalance in your electrical system and to calculate your need for active load balancing to the reach the desired unbalance level. The application prints the summary of the results on the web page and sends a more specific report to your e-mail.

Please refer to Unbalance Calculator User Guide for help with Unbalance Calculator

Personal information

Please provide your name, company and a valid e-mail address to deliver the report to.

System and supplying transformer information

Please provide basic information of the electrical system and the supplying transformer. Please do not use thousand separators.

Please contact sales@meruspower.fi for solutions at higher voltage levels.

How is the electrical system fed?


If the installation site is at an altitude higher than 1000 m above sea level, please choose the the elevation from the drop-down list. If the elevation is above 3000 m, please make an inquiry to our sales directly.

4W or 3W compensation:

Select 4-wire compensation if the neutral wire current is desired to be compensated.

Unbalance limits

Do you want to set limits for voltage or current unbalance?

Reactive power