Merus® Solutions
in commercial buildings

Our daily lives and the functioning of modern society are dependent on high-quality electricity. Commercial buildings include non-residential and non-industrial buildings like hospitals, data centers, shopping malls, and airports. These establishments are stacked with all kinds of electronic equipment that increase productivity and ensure the continuity of operations every day. They certainly make our lives easier but are also prone to power quality issues and get adversely affected by poor power quality. It is extremely important to make sure that all equipment and devices work as they are supposed to in order to protect people from malfunctions and life-threatening situations.

Merus Power has been operating for over a decade and we have delivered innovative solutions to over 70 different countries around the world. Our Merus® Solutions are based on scalable and modular technology, which enables the use of our products and services in a wide range of different application needs. In commercial buildings, we have achieved, among others, improved efficiency, continuity of critical operations, smooth operation of machines, reduced service and maintenance costs, longer lifetime of devices and components, and compliance with demanding grid codes and other power quality standards as well as regulations.

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