Merus® Solutions in industries

Industry is an energy-intensive business. Various manufacturing processes consume large amounts of energy and generate all kinds of power quality problems from harmonics to flicker and low power factor. These issues can stall production, weaken efficiency, and even decrease the capacity of factories. In addition, poor power quality can cause expensive penalties for not complying with grid codes.

In addition to using a lot of energy, many industry devices and machines require efficient and high-quality electricity in order to work properly. They can be very sensitive to poor power quality. As automation steadily grows in industry, these machines just further aggravate the system by generating more poor power quality issues for themselves.

Merus Power has been operating for over a decade and we have delivered innovative solutions to over 70 different countries around the world. Our Merus® Solutions are based on scalable and modular technology, which enables the use of our products and services in a wide range of different application needs.

In industry, we have achieved, among others, increased production efficiency, operation optimization, enhanced factory capacity, reduced maintenance costs, longer lifetime of plant equipment, and compliance with demanding grid code criteria and other power quality standards. We also help industry customers achieve their sustainability goals by eliminating energy losses thus reducing CO2 emissions.

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