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At Merus Power, we are fully convinced that technology has a significant role in creating a more sustainable future.

We work committedly for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we also help our customers achieve their own sustainable development goals. We monitor the implementation of responsibility with key figures such as green energy capacity, the share of electricity storage capacity, and CO2 emission reductions.

We contribute to the sustainable and energy-efficient development of the economy and society globally. Our solutions that enable better power quality in industrial and commercial applications contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and improve the process efficiency of our customers’ companies.

Our quality system is certified with the ISO 9001 quality standard and our environmental system with the ISO 14001 standard. Our solutions comply with IEEE 519, G5/4 and EN 50160 standards and other power quality regulations. We also have UL 508 / CSA C22.2 No. 14 Listing for our active harmonic filter product family.

We keep track of our positive environmental impact through 3 different parameters:

  • The amount of renewable energy we helped to connect to the grid
  • Our share of the operating reserve in the Finnish electricity market
  • The amount of CO2 emission reductions we achieved by installing our different solutions around the world

Our solutions have enabled

619 MW

of energy connected to grid.

Our share of Finnish electricity market’s usage reserve is

18 %

Annual CO2 emission reductions for our customers is over

170 000 t*

* This means over 1 400 000 London-Madrid passenger flights.

1) Merus Power’s management assessment.
The company’s share is 18 MW of Finland’s frequency-controlled operating reserve, which is a total of 67,7 MW in 2023. (source: Fingrid).
2) Merus Power’s management assessment.
Emission reductions have been assessed from the perspective of the Company’s customers and with the Company’s current equipment.
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