Merus® Technology
& Engineering

Designed, manufactured, and tested in Finland

The committed efforts of our experienced engineering teams have resulted in a new generation of active harmonic filtering, dynamic reactive power compensation, and power protection technology – products that not only fulfill the performance requirements of the market at a competitive investment cost but also save energy, increase productivity, improve energy efficiency, ensure stable electricity supply and reduce energy expenses.

The manufacturing facilities of Merus Power are located in the city of Ylöjärvi in Finland. All our products are designed, manufactured, and tested in Finland. Quality assurance processes are in place at all manufacturing stages, and continuous testing guarantees that the products meet the required technical parameters. Each product is submitted to final performance testing in our laboratory before shipment.

Merus® Solutions can be easily tailored to a variety of applications and can meet small and large-scale customer needs with their modular structures. Their compact size, design, and scalability allow simple and cost-effective integration into many electrical systems.

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