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Blog | 23.5.2023

Finland’s LEMENE project shows the ropes for founders of energy communities

The Marjamäki industrial area in Lempäälä, Finland is a bustling and fast-growing commercial and logistics hub. Its most famous building is the 104 000 m2...

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Blog | 2.12.2022

The ingenious collaboration of wind energy and energy storage system

Electricity harvested from the wind In recent years, a substantial increase in wind farm construction has been seen in Finland. The reasons behind this are...

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Blog | 2.9.2022

Why is good power quality crucial in data centers?

The world around us is turning more and more digital every day. The massive amount of data society needs to function is overwhelming and achieving...

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Blog | 9.8.2022

Energy storage is the key to cost-effective electricity distribution in rural areas

The energy revolution, the complete overhaul of energy production and consumption, is currently underway at a high speed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and combat...

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Blog | 29.4.2022

How to know if you are suffering from poor power quality?

Power quality is becoming a critical issue in electrical environments as industry, automation and machinery are constantly increasing. Every day more variable frequency drives (VFD)...

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Blog | 17.9.2021

Solar + Merus™ ESS Energy Storage – powerful renewable energy solution for our planet

Solar power as a source of renewable energy has grown exponentially in the 21st century and will continue to grow also in the future. Solar...

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Blog | 27.8.2021

The various benefits of Merus™ ESS Energy Storage in hydropower production

Megatrends contribute to the growing need for CO2-free energy in our society, industries, organizations, and transportation. In addition to solar and wind power, hydropower as...

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Blog | 13.8.2021

Merus Power paves the way for an energy-efficient and sustainable future

It is impossible to predict in what ways the climate crisis will be resolved or what innovations and technologies will eventually be needed to curb...

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Blog | 16.6.2021

Merus™ ESS with Reclose technology revolutionizes electricity supply security

Merus™ ESS Energy Storage Solution is a cost-efficient and elegant solution for protecting rural electrical networks’ supply security instead of carrying out construction works and...

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Blog | 7.5.2021

How to achieve grid code compliance in wind farms?

What is grid code compliance? Grid code compliance is a common requirement for smooth connection of any kind of power generation plant to any grid...

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Blog | 26.3.2021

Ensuring electricity supply and continuity of critical operations in hospitals

Hospitals play a critical role in providing essential medical care to the community. In today’s electricity-dependent world, it is extremely important to make sure that...

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Blog | 3.2.2021

The efficient duo of energy production in remote mines: energy storage systems and renewable energy

The solution to support mines in the transition to renewables can be found in energy storages. This enables the installation of energy storage systems in...

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