Smoothening critical processes in a stock market’s data center

“After the installation of Merus Power’s active harmonic filtering solution, harmonics were measured to be lower and they complied with the requirements of both the power company and the building management company.” — Marketing Manager of local partner

Challenges at the customer’s data center

The telecommunications link at the customer’s data center comprises several single-phase non-linear loads. The presence of such loads in the electrical system generated higher harmonic current distortions. Total distortion would be as high as 30 %, well above the limits defined by the local regulatory body.

High harmonic distortions in the electrical system were a constant threat to the system’s reliability and availability and the risk of losing important data in case of nuisance tripping was high. To prevent any interruptions of critical business processes and the loss of data, the customer’s technical consultant and the building management company suggested harmonic mitigation as an imperative first step.

Our Merus® Solution

The customer chose a Merus® low voltage A-series Active Harmonic Filter to address the power quality challenge. The solution was supplied by Merus Power’s local partner. Merus® Active Harmonic Filter was installed parallel to the loads to be compensated.

On account of major technical limitations and slow response, old technologies were not considered by the customer’s technical consultant. Merus® Active Harmonic Filters are based on the latest power electronics technology and provide fast response, several operational modes, and flexibility for future projects. Selective harmonic cancellation mode and the possibility of adding more Merus® Active Harmonic Filters come in handy if different types of loads are added in the future, without making the existing investment obsolete.

Results after installation

Thanks to the proven performance of Merus® low voltage A-series Active Harmonic Filter, distortions are now well below the specified limits. The response time of less than 1 millisecond and harmonic mitigation up to the 50th order ensure higher availability and reliability of the overall electrical system. The facility is now protected against nuisance tripping and the loss of important data.

Segment / Application

Commercial building — Data center with several single-phase non-linear loads



Power quality issue

  • High harmonic current distortions

Merus® Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Increased availability and reliability of the facility
  • No nuisance tripping or loss of important data
  • No damage to sensitive equipment
  • No penalties for high harmonic distortions
  • Longer equipment lifetime

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