Securing operations in one of the largest data centers in Asia

Data centers play an extremely important role in our society and digital economy. Everything that happens online is housed in data centers. All companies depend on digital services and their IT systems are crucial for business operations. Outages due to poor power quality can cause instant drops in productivity and loss of revenue for customers. Good power quality minimizes electricity consumption and the environmental footprint of the centers, and this saves costs too. Our data center customer suffered from severe harmonic distortions to which our solutions brought significant improvements.

Challenges in the customer’s data center

A large data center in Asia hosts numerous important IT companies. The operators are some of the largest in Asia. The data center suffered from severe harmonic distortions caused by electrical equipment, such as LED lighting, computers, and UPS systems.

The owner of the building needed to secure the operations and eliminate harmonic distortions in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the businesses. Data centers are mission-critical and require excellent power quality in order to maintain reliable operations.

Our Merus® Solution

The facility owners and technicians were concerned about the harmonics, and a third party was asked to perform a power quality audit. The results revealed harmonic distortion above the allowable limits. It was obvious that a reliable and robust solution was needed.

Merus Power was chosen as the preferred supplier. The customer was convinced of the advanced 3-level NPC inverter technology used in Merus® Solutions, along with compact design, ease of operation, and maintenance. Also appreciated were the high-quality product finishing and manufacturing in Finland. The solution consisted of 6 Merus® Active Harmonic Filters, installed in 3 distribution boards, and parallel to the loads.

Results after installation

Thanks to the fast response time and robust design of Merus® Active Harmonic Filters, harmonic distortions are now below the allowable limits. The power factor was improved close to unity at 0.97-0.99. The building is now meeting the limits set by the regulators.

The customer was pleased with the effective and reliable solution and is now considering a new purchase for another project.

Segment / Application

Commercial buildings – data center



Power quality issue

  • High harmonic distortions

Merus® Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Secured operations
  • Continuous power supply
  • Compliance with harmonic limits
  • Improved power factor

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