Blog | 29.6.2023

Grid stabilization with battery energy storage system

Battery energy storage has emerged as a key technology for supporting the transition to a greener future. As renewable energy sources like solar and wind...

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Blog | 23.5.2023

Finland’s LEMENE project shows the ropes for founders of energy communities

The Marjamäki industrial area in Lempäälä, Finland is a bustling and fast-growing commercial and logistics hub. Its most famous building is the 104 000 m2...

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News | 8.2.2023

Merus Power receives a 20-million-euro order to supply a large battery energy storage system to Taaleri Energia

Taaleri Energia has ordered a 30 MW/36 MWh battery energy storage system from Merus Power. The battery energy storage is to be built in Lempäälä,...

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News | 30.12.2022

Merus Power’s active harmonic filters help connect two wind farms to the electricity grid in South Africa

Merus Power and its local partner RWW Engineering are delivering active harmonic filtering systems to two South African wind farms during 2023. The deals include...

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Blog | 2.12.2022

The ingenious collaboration of wind energy and energy storage system

Electricity harvested from the wind In recent years, a substantial increase in wind farm construction has been seen in Finland. The reasons behind this are...

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Blog | 17.9.2021

Solar + Merus™ ESS Energy Storage – powerful renewable energy solution for our planet

Solar power as a source of renewable energy has grown exponentially in the 21st century and will continue to grow also in the future. Solar...

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Blog | 13.8.2021

Merus Power paves the way for an energy-efficient and sustainable future

It is impossible to predict in what ways the climate crisis will be resolved or what innovations and technologies will eventually be needed to curb...

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Blog | 3.2.2021

The efficient duo of energy production in remote mines: energy storage systems and renewable energy

The solution to support mines in the transition to renewables can be found in energy storages. This enables the installation of energy storage systems in...

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Blog | 29.10.2020

Energy storage systems create a new source of income for renewable investments

A rise in demand for renewables In the last decade, the global demand for clean energy has been continuously increasing and it is not expected...

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Blog | 26.5.2020

Save on fuel and diesel genset maintenance costs in off-grid microgrids

The integration of battery energy storages to microgrid helps to achieve the full potential of photovoltaic (PV) systems and ensures microgrid power quality while saving...

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News | 4.6.2018

Merus Power to supply battery energy storage system for Lempäälän Energia’s LEMENE Project

Press release 4 June 2018 Merus Power and Lempäälän Energia have signed an agreement to supply a battery energy storage system to the Ministry of...

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