Energy storage systems create a new source of income for renewable investments

A rise in demand for renewables

In the last decade, the global demand for clean energy has been continuously increasing and it is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Clean energy is gained from renewable resources, such as wind, tides, waves, or sunlight. However, the intermittent nature and inherent limitations of renewable energy can make it quite challenging to fully utilize and benefit from it. This issue created a need to be able to store and use energy whenever needed to ensure uninterrupted power supply all the time.

For this reason, the popularity of battery energy storage systems skyrocketed along with the rise in demand for renewables. Energy storage systems store excess energy and release this stored energy exactly when needed, thus energy is consumed and stored flexibly.

The age of passive energy-storing components is over

Merus Power’s skilled and innovative engineers designed and manufactured a reliable and sophisticated energy storage system, the Merus™ ESS.

The Merus™ Energy Storage Solution ensures real-time power supply in a wide range of applications and has extremely fast response time and high-quality electricity. It also allows smooth integration and efficient use of renewable energy. With its easy configurability and key functions such as peak shaving, black start ability, voltage, and frequency control, and power quality compliance, the Merus™ ESS is much more than just a passive energy-storing component for its users.

In addition, it bridges customers like renewables and microgrids to the electricity market and allows participation in well-paid frequency regulation reserve markets (FCR/FRR).

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Participation in well-paid frequency response market to get more revenue

The combined operation of a facility that uses renewable energy with the Merus™ ESS enables operation in the frequency reserve market and increases revenue. Furthermore, the added battery energy storage significantly reduces wear and tear of mechanical parts and elongates the lifetime of critical components.

Maximize the benefits of renewable energy

Electricity consumption and production must be in balance at all times. For example, the electricity production of installed solar panels cannot exceed the minimum consumption. With a Merus™ ESS energy storage in the system, all this can be forgotten. For instance, it is possible to install solar panels to cover the entire ceiling surface. The generated extra power can be stored in the Merus™ ESS battery energy storage solution and used when needed. With a Merus™ ESS, you can maximize the benefits of installed green energy and shorten the payback period.

Customer benefits of the Merus™ ESS:

  • Reliable energy supply in real-time
  • Uninterrupted and stable power and operational performance
  • Balanced energy supply and demand
  • Smooth integration and efficient use of renewable energy
  • Opportunity to participate in new and well-paid frequency regulation
    reserve markets (FCR/FFR)

Additional benefits of the Merus™ ESS for renewable energy customers:

  • Opportunity to connect the part of the power plant’s capacity to the frequency response market, without changes to the power plant itself
  • Opportunity to operate in frequency response market in addition to traditional earning models
  • Possibility to reduce hydro turbine movements up to 90% and the distance of movements by more than 50% (hydroplants)
  • Reduced wear and tear of mechanical parts, thus longer lifetime of critical components and less service
  • Storage of excess wind power for better income on the spot markets (wind farms)
  • Black start ability for wind turbines during grid failure (wind farms)

Functions of the Merus™ ESS:

  • Peak shaving
  • Voltage and frequency control
  • Black start functionality
  • Power quality compliance
  • Ramp rate management
  • Power dispatch management
  • Spinning reserve
  • Power flow optimization
  • System stability improvement
  • Energy management for alternative sources

Success story: Merus™ ESS in a microgrid with solar panels

A distribution center in Finland operates on an intelligent microgrid using almost entirely the power of the sun. The microgrid consists of medium and low voltage switchgear, 1,600 solar panels, 2 backup power plants, and Finland’s most efficient energy storage, a Merus™ ESS unit.

The distribution center is open 24/7 and has up to 20,000 square meters of various cold storage facilities. The whole property is heated and cooled using solar panels. Backup power or purchased electricity is used only if necessary.

Due to its multidirectional transmission capacity, the microgrid automatically optimizes its own electricity consumption and production. This depends on, for example, the amount of sunshine or the current price of the electricity. Additionally, the possibility of external transmission of the energy storage’s energy allows participation in the frequency reserve market.

Furthermore, the battery also compensates for reactive power and filters harmonics, which reduces grid losses and boosts operational reliability. Energy storage technology reduces energy costs in practice.

Read more about our success story here.

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