Merus Power supplies Herrfors with a 7 MW / 7 MWh battery energy storage system, which will operate alongside a 5 MW electric boiler in the Finnish national frequency regulation market

Merus Power supplies a 7 MW / 7MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) to Oy Herrfors Ab. The delivery is made to the customer fully installed, tested, and ready to use. In addition, the delivery includes various acceptance tests of the energy storage according to Finland’s Transmission System Operator, Fingrid’s requirements. Also, a long-term service and maintenance contract will be concluded to ensure high availability of the BESS in the market, as well as Merus Power’s remote access and trading platform, Merus® MERUSCOPE. The complete delivery and commissioning of the battery energy storage system will take place in early 2025.

Herrfors is an electricity company based in Ostrobothnia, Finland. It is important for Herrfors to act responsibly and at the same time ensure affordable prices and high-quality service to its customers. The company is dedicated to promoting self-sufficient energy production through environmentally friendly methods.

In this innovative battery energy storage application, the Merus® ESS will participate in the frequency regulation market in co-operation with the electric boiler. The combination of two different technologies brings benefits to both. On the one hand, the use of the electric boiler for long-term power demand reduces battery wear and, on the other hand, the fast response of the energy storage system gives the electric boiler time to join the market. At the same time, the battery energy storage system allows participation in reserve markets even when the boiler is offline. By integrating the boiler’s capacity with the Merus® ESS’s capabilities, Herrfors can engage more effectively in the market, leveraging both the high volume of the boiler and the precise, rapid response of the energy storage system.

“We aim to promote environmentally friendly energy, produced in the most responsible and cost-effective way possible. We are involved in renewable energy projects, and we also want to contribute to the stability of the electricity system through our own activities. Together with the Merus team, we are designing the joint use of energy storage and electric boilers, which allows flexible participation in the balancing market and ensures the stability of the electricity system. We appreciate the opportunity to work with a Finnish battery energy storage system operator with in-house manufactured proprietary technology,” says Roger Holm, CEO of Herrfors.

“Merus Power wants its products to support the green transition. Our advanced and smart energy storage systems work flexibly to support different customer processes in the electricity market. With our solid expertise, we want to help our customers comprehensively and find profitable investment solutions that support both the customer and society as a whole,” comments Kari Tuomala, CEO of Merus Power.

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