Merus Power Celebrates Bring Your Children to Work Day

Merus Power recently hosted an engaging and heartwarming event as part of the International Bring Your Children to Work Day, bringing together families, friends, and the youthful spirit of creativity.

The day was dedicated to giving children and their families an inside look at Merus Power’s operations and exploring the new offices and factory. The aim was to foster a sense of community and connection between the employees’ families and the company.

A particularly touching moment of the day was the unexpected creation of a portrait of Merus Power’s CEO, Kari Tuomala. Unlike many companies where portraits of the CEO are a common sight, Merus Power had never embraced this tradition. However, this changed when one of the children, inspired by the event, crafted an artistic representation of the CEO. The portrait, characterized by its artistic flair and heartfelt execution, has now been proudly displayed on the office wall.

This piece of art symbolizes more than just a portrait; it represents the intersection of Merus Power’s professional environment and the vibrant, creative community that surrounds it. It’s a testament to the company’s commitment to inclusivity and fostering a welcoming, family-friendly workplace culture.

Merus Power extends its heartfelt thanks to all the young participants, especially the budding artist behind the CEO’s portrait. The event was not only a success in terms of engagement but also in strengthening the bond between the employees and their families. The company looks forward to hosting more such events in the future, continuing to build a strong, supportive, and vibrant community both inside and outside the workplace.

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