Static Var Compensator modernization at ArcelorMittal Warszawa steel mill in Poland

Merus Power is set to modernize a 110 Mvar static reactive power compensator (SVC) at the ArcelorMittal Warszawa steel mill in Warsaw, Poland. ArcelorMittal is one of the world’s largest steel producers. Modernization will be undertaken in collaboration with our Polish partner, Electrical Power Quality Systems (EPQS), the compensator will receive upgrades in control components and software. The scope of supply includes thyristor valves, control systems, cooling equipment, spare parts, and a complete installation service. The project is scheduled to be implemented during the annual maintenance break of the steel mill in the fall of 2024.

The steel mill in Warsaw, part of the ArcelorMittal group, specializes in crafting carbon and unique long steel items. Their primary clientele stems from the automotive sector, machinery manufacturing, bearings, and construction. Responsibility, quality, and leadership are important to the company. The steel mill is committed to producing high-quality products that serve also future needs. Quality is reflected in everything that the company does, from personnel policy to the equipment and products manufactured. The SVC compensator upgrade aims to improve power quality and extend equipment life.

Modernizing offers both an economical and environmentally friendly approach to substantially prolong the lifespan of the current SVC system, by only replacing the aged components. This not only embodies sustainable growth but also conserves natural resources. Only necessary components are replaced while preserving and utilizing functional existing ones. The time required for modernization is considerably shorter than a full SVC compensator replacement. Furthermore, the upgrade can take place during regular maintenance, avoiding extra operational disruptions for the facility.

The modernized SVC in the Warsaw steel mill will stabilize voltage variations in the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and maintain consistent power quality at the steel plant’s high-voltage connection point. This compensator mitigates electrical disruptions in the grid stemming from the EAF, enhances overall efficiency, and fine-tunes furnace performance. Given the steel industry’s high energy consumption, enhancing power quality and prioritizing energy efficiency can either cut down on electricity consumption for product manufacturing or boost production using the same energy levels.

“At ArcelorMittal Warsaw, our commitment is to operate with integrity, safety, and top-tier quality. Beyond just steelmaking, ensuring premier power quality is paramount. The functionality of the SVC system is central to guaranteeing optimal power quality. Superior power quality not only increases plant efficiency and equipment longevity but also positively influences the power quality in the local network,” says Artur Gierwatowski, CEO of ArcelorMittal Warszawa.

“Local expertise is of cardinal importance to our customers. We possess comprehensive knowledge of regional power quality standards, and our robust engineering prowess assists our customers in addressing daily obstacles. We merge Merus Power’s advanced power electronics and industry expertise with local customer expertise,” says Marek Sikora, CEO of EPQS.

“We strive to support our customers’ energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Merus Power’s expertise and innovative power electronics offer our customers a choice of reliable products that significantly improve energy efficiency and grid performance. We are both a reliable and knowledgeable partner for our customers,” says Markus Ovaskainen, Sales Director at Merus Power.

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