News | 15.11.2023

Transforming Colombia’s steel industry with Finnish energy efficiency innovation

Bulla y Salcedo Ingeniería, Merus Power’s local partner in Colombia, is at the forefront of introducing high-efficiency energy solutions to the Colombian steel industry. This...

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News | 2.10.2023

Merus Power modernizes the compensator system of the Electric Arc Furnace at Ovako Imatra’s steel plant in Finland

Merus Power supplies an 70 Mvar Static Var Compensator (Merus® SVC) modernization for Ovako Imatra’s steel plant in Imatra, Finland. The scope of supply includes...

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Blog | 16.8.2023

Empowering production capacity in the metallurgical industry

The metallurgical industry stands at the core of the global economy, supplying vital materials for various applications. However, the energy-intensive processes involved, such as steel...

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Blog | 15.6.2023

Why use Static Var Compensators in the metallurgical industry?

The metallurgical industry is a crucial sector of the global economy, producing various products ranging from automobiles to construction materials. The production process in this...

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| 13.3.2023

Merus® SVC – Static Var Compensator

Merus® SVC is a cost-effective Static Var Compensator solution with fast reactive power compensation for higher-power-class applications.

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| 13.3.2023

Merus® STATCOM – Static Synchronous Compensator

Merus® STATCOM is a modular and modern Static Synchronous Compensator for demanding applications and heavy industrial loads.

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| 2.5.2023

Electric Arc and Ladle Furnaces

Customer challengesin Electric Arc and Ladle Furnaces The metallurgical industry relies heavily on Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) and Ladle Furnaces (LF) to produce steel. These...

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