Blog | 16.8.2023

Empowering production capacity in the metallurgical industry

The metallurgical industry stands at the core of the global economy, supplying vital materials for various applications. However, the energy-intensive processes involved, such as steel...

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Blog | 15.6.2023

Why use Static Var Compensators in the metallurgical industry?

The metallurgical industry is a crucial sector of the global economy, producing various products ranging from automobiles to construction materials. The production process in this...

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Blog | 9.11.2020

Reactive power, the reason behind inefficiency and hidden costs

Most likely reactive power is causing you to pay remarkable amounts of money every month without you even realizing it. Wouldn’t you rather use energy...

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Blog | 24.9.2020

Power quality and productivity improvement with Merus™ SVC

Common power quality issues in steel plants Steel plants deal with energy intensive processes on a daily, such as steel and aluminum smelting. Smelting is...

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