Blog | 23.5.2023

Finland’s LEMENE project shows the ropes for founders of energy communities

The Marjamäki industrial area in Lempäälä, Finland is a bustling and fast-growing commercial and logistics hub. Its most famous building is the 104 000 m2...

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News | 8.2.2023

Merus Power receives a 20-million-euro order to supply a large battery energy storage system to Taaleri Energia

Taaleri Energia has ordered a 30 MW/36 MWh battery energy storage system from Merus Power. The battery energy storage is to be built in Lempäälä,...

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Blog | 2.12.2022

The ingenious collaboration of wind energy and energy storage system

Electricity harvested from the wind In recent years, a substantial increase in wind farm construction has been seen in Finland. The reasons behind this are...

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Blog | 9.8.2022

Energy storage is the key to cost-effective electricity distribution in rural areas

The energy revolution, the complete overhaul of energy production and consumption, is currently underway at a high speed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and combat...

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Blog | 17.9.2021

Solar + Merus™ ESS Energy Storage – powerful renewable energy solution for our planet

Solar power as a source of renewable energy has grown exponentially in the 21st century and will continue to grow also in the future. Solar...

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Blog | 26.3.2021

Ensuring electricity supply and continuity of critical operations in hospitals

Hospitals play a critical role in providing essential medical care to the community. In today’s electricity-dependent world, it is extremely important to make sure that...

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Blog | 29.10.2020

Energy storage systems create a new source of income for renewable investments

A rise in demand for renewables In the last decade, the global demand for clean energy has been continuously increasing and it is not expected...

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News | 4.6.2018

Merus Power to supply battery energy storage system for Lempäälän Energia’s LEMENE Project

Press release 4 June 2018 Merus Power and Lempäälän Energia have signed an agreement to supply a battery energy storage system to the Ministry of...

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