Merus Power strengthens its position in the energy storage market

Sallila Energia acquires energy storage to support the energy transition

Merus Power, a major Finnish energy storage manufacturer, will supply Sallila Energia Oy with a 1.7 MW / 1.7MWh energy storage system. Sallila Energia Oy is a Finnish company offering a wide range of services related to electricity sales and energy solutions. The deal also includes a long-term maintenance agreement and an option to use a trading platform developed by Merus Power. Delivery will take place in the fall of 2024.

Battery energy storage has an important role to play in maintaining the stability of the electricity grid, especially as the share of renewable energy in electricity generation increases. Fingrid’s (Finland’s Transmission System Operator) balancing market aims to support grid balance, and Merus Power’s fast-reacting energy storage technology provides an efficient and sustainable solution to this need. Merus® ESS advanced battery energy storage solution also has other useful features. In addition to its participation in the frequency regulation market, Sallila Energia plans to use energy storage for reactive power compensation and voltage regulation. If needed, the energy storage system will also provide backup power to the region.

“Our ability to execute our energy storage strategy and build partnerships with various players is very inspiring, as we can contribute to the green transition by providing advanced energy storage solutions,” says Kari Tuomala, CEO of Merus Power. “Energy storage technology enables an increase in the share of renewable energy in our grid and helps support sustainable energy production. Merus Power’s innovative technology and software, designed and manufactured in Finland, will enable reliable and flexible energy storage operations in the future. We are ready to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving electricity grid and electricity market.”

Being at the forefront of the energy revolution

Merus Power’s energy storage technology is based on years of experience and innovative design. The software developed by Merus Power enables efficient management and optimization of energy storage systems. Advanced intelligent technology ensures a reliable and even faster response to grid demands than the electricity market requires.

Tarja Heinonen, CEO of Sallila Energia, emphasizes the importance of cooperation. “It is extremely important for Sallila Energia to be at the forefront of the energy revolution. Together with Merus Power, we have built a business model for a battery energy storage system that fits our needs. We strongly believe in the potential of energy storage to support both sustainable energy production and the electricity grid. The cooperation with Merus Power allows us to participate in the frequency regulation market while contributing to stable and sustainable electricity supply and generation.”

Merus Power continues its commitment to developing advanced energy storage solutions that are key to the transition toward renewable energy. Merus Power believes that energy storage is an important factor in a stable and efficient electricity grid, and it supports sustainable energy production.

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