Blog | 24.9.2020

Power quality and productivity improvement with Merus™ SVC

Common power quality issues in steel plants Steel plants deal with energy intensive processes on a daily, such as steel and aluminum smelting. Smelting is...

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Blog | 17.7.2020

Merus™ Active Harmonic Filters for printing machines – bring benefits and save money

Power quality and energy efficiency are key areas at printing facilities. Through the implementation of power quality improvement solutions, it is possible to gain substation...

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Blog | 2.8.2018

Key selection criteria when buying active harmonic filters

Active harmonic filters can effectively cancel harmonic distortions from the network. This blog post will explain the key criteria that should be kept in mind...

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Blog | 13.10.2016

Why is good power quality necessary

Power quality is commonly defined as the power grid’s ability to supply a clean and stable power flow as a constantly available power supply. The...

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