Blog | 22.9.2023

How HVAC systems contribute to power quality issues in data centers

Data centers serve as the backbone of modern society. They house the servers that keep the digital world running, from the websites we visit to...

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News | 12.1.2023

Merus Power further strengthens its position in the American power quality market for data centers

Merus Power has received an order for over a hundred active harmonic filters from its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner in North America. The active...

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Blog | 2.9.2022

Why is good power quality crucial in data centers?

The world around us is turning more and more digital every day. The massive amount of data society needs to function is overwhelming and achieving...

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News | 19.8.2022

Merus Power’s active filters ensure the power quality of European data center

Merus Power and its New York stock-listed partner supply a power quality system consisting of dozens of active harmonic filters to a European data server...

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News | 23.5.2022

Merus Power’s active filters improve the power quality of data server centers in the United States

Merus Power supplies several dozen active filters to its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner in North America during 2022. The delivery is part of a...

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