Improving the reliability of precision manufacturing and CNC machining

Segment background

Precision manufacturing and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining rely on meticulous attention to detail to produce accurate components. However, power quality issues can pose significant challenges. High current harmonic distortion can considerably disrupt operations, leading to equipment malfunctions and production delays. In a demanding 24/7 environment, where downtime translates into financial losses, these challenges become even more critical. To overcome such obstacles, implementing effective power quality solutions is essential.

By utilizing power quality solutions, manufacturers can ensure a stable power supply, protecting sensitive machinery and minimizing costly interruptions. By addressing power quality concerns, precision manufacturers and CNC machining facilities can enhance productivity, reduce waste, and maintain their reputation for delivering high-quality products consistently. Reliable power quality solutions not only bolster operational efficiency but also lay the foundation for sustained growth and success in these industries.

Challenges at the customer’s facility

Our customer in Australia is an industry leader in specialized precision manufacturing and engineering services, operating in a 24/7 manufacturing environment across industries like medical, aerospace, and telecommunications. They encountered power quality issues causing unexpected equipment failures and production disruptions, requiring frequent CNC machine resets. In their pursuit of a reliable power supply, they installed a whole-site in-line UPS solution. However, a catastrophic failure of the UPS devices prompted a thorough investigation that revealed a need for harmonics mitigation.

Our Merus® Solution

After thorough investigations, it was determined that a power quality solution was needed to reduce the high current harmonics to ensure the reliable operation of the facility. To address these issues, Merus® A2-200A Active Harmonic Filter was delivered to the site. The installation and commissioning of the solution were carried out by Ampcontrol, our local partner in Australia. During the commissioning, the Merus® A2 Active Harmonic Filter was programmed to selectively mitigate the specific offending harmonic currents, effectively canceling them out.

Merus® A2 was chosen as the best solution due to its high redundancy, reliability, and modularity. The selectable filtering capabilities of the Merus® A2 further contributed to its suitability for the project because it might be necessary to re-program the selected harmonics that need to be mitigated, in case of a change in operating conditions in the facility.

Segment / Application

Precision Manufacturing, CNC Machining



Power quality issue

High current harmonic distortion

Merus® Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced downtime
  • Reliable operation of CNC machines
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer lifetime of plant equipment

Results after installation

After the successful installation and commissioning of the Merus® A2-200A Active Harmonic Filter, major improvements in the operation of the facility were noticed. The harmonic current components were mitigated, ensuring flawless manufacturing. The selectable mode of Merus® A2 -module effectively cancelled out all the problematic harmonic currents.

Merus® A2 filter modules, known for their high reliability and efficiency, delivered excellent performance with low losses. The installation of Merus® A2-Active Harmonic Filter resulted in improved power quality, reduced equipment malfunctioning, and uninterrupted operation of the customer’s business.

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