Elevating performance and reliability in containerized pump stations

Segment background

Pump stations serve as crucial infrastructure for the efficient movement of fluids in a variety of industries and applications. These stations utilize different types of pumps and advanced control systems to facilitate the transfer of liquids, such as water or wastewater, with precision and reliability. Incorporating redundancy measures and adhering to safety standards, pump stations ensure continuous operation, optimize energy usage and maintain desired flow rates. With regular maintenance and monitoring, these systems uphold the smooth functioning of critical processes, making them indispensable components in fluid management and infrastructure projects.

Challenges at the customer’s site

In June 2021, heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding of the Morwell River in Australia resulted in damage to the southern section of the Morwell River Diversion (MRD) structure at the Yallourn mine. Energy Australia was granted approval to carry out necessary works for temporarily redirecting water flow away from the MRD within the Yallourn mine area. As part of the project, several containerized pumping stations equipped with large Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems were supplied. These pumping stations and VFDs require harmonic mitigation to comply with local regulations and ensure the reliable operation of pumps and associated equipment.

Our Merus® Solution

The timely delivery of the project was highly important. The system comprised of eight individual Merus® A2-Active Harmonic Filter systems, each rated at 400 A and 415 V. These systems were equipped with autonomous operation capabilities in the event of a single failure, ensuring uninterrupted performance. Additionally, redundancy was incorporated into the design to enhance system reliability. The utilization of Merus® A2-Active Harmonic Filters added to the system’s efficiency and durability, with the support of our local partner Ampcontrol’s engineering team contributing to a smooth and successful project implementation.

Results after installation

The implementation of the Merus® Solution resulted in significant improvements for the project. The filters effectively reduced harmonic currents, leading to improved power quality and stability. The installation of eight separate filter systems successfully mitigated harmonic distortions, meeting the project’s objectives.

As a result, the system experienced reduced equipment damage and malfunctions, ensuring reliable operation. Overall, the desired results were achieved by effectively reducing harmonics and enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the pump station. Ampcontrol’s local engineering teams’ expertise and assistance throughout the project ensured the seamless integration and proper functioning of the Merus® A2-Active Harmonic Filters.

Segment / Application

Containerized pump stations with large Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems



Power quality issue

High current harmonic distortion

Merus® Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Ensuring seamless operation
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer lifetime of the equipment
  • Compliance with IEEE519-2014 power quality standards

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