Merus Power to protect critical processes of hospitals in UK and Middle East

Merus Power has won orders to deliver active harmonic filters to hospitals in the UK and Middle East. These power quality solutions will be used to bring reliability to critical healthcare processes, to enhance the life time of capital medical equipment and to save energy.

Modern healthcare facilities use expensive medical equipment for intensive care units, surgical operations and other critical processes. To ensure smooth operations of such sensitive electronic equipment, it is essential to take care of the power quality issues at modern healthcare facilities.

Healthcare facilities around the world have started to pay due consideration to power quality issues due to its impact on patient comfort, service quality, lifetime of capital medical equipment and overall operating costs. For these two hospitals, Merus Power is delivering solutions built on cutting-edge technology to meet the demanding needs of the hospitals.

“Our customers in healthcare market segment require highly reliable operations due to their critical nature. However, reliability can remain a challenge when quality of power is not good enough. We are happy that our customers in UK and Middle East have trusted on Merus Power technology to clear its electrical network from poor power and restore reliable healthcare operations” Says, Adnan Zia, Area sales manager at Merus Power.

Merus active harmonic filters can solve a number of power quality problems. Merus Power has successfully delivered power quality solutions to a number of healthcare facilities around the world.

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