Merus Power delivers two industrial compensators to the United States

Merus Power delivers two 16 MVar static synchronous compensators to a major metal industry player in the US to improve power quality. They are estimated to be delivered in late autumn 2022. Merus Power’s synchronous compensators will be installed to ensure voltage stability at a rolling mill in Indiana.

The main items of the contract are two Merus® STATCOM and related spare parts. This is Merus Power’s first large supply of power quality solutions to the United States and will strengthen Merus Power’s position in the global power quality market.

“Climate goals and the energy revolution require all actors. A cleaner and sustainable future does not arise by itself, we are all needed to create it. We help our industrial customers to achieve their climate goals and our renewable energy customers in facilitating the energy transition. This contract of two industrial compensators is a significant opening to the US market,” says Kari Tuomala, CEO of Merus Power.

The metal industry is a very energy-intensive business, meaning that production requires a lot of electricity to operate. The metal industry has the potential to make significant investments in energy efficiency and CO2 reductions. Some companies have ambitious goals to be carbon neutral in the years to come.

Merus® STATCOM static compensators ensure the voltage stability of the rolling mill in the medium voltage grid. The disturbances caused by power fluctuations inherent in the rolling mill’s processes are compensated. This enables the production plant to have good power quality, enhances energy efficiency, and reduces maintenance needs. With the static compensators, the operation of the rolling mill will be more reliable and energy-efficient. This will help the company achieve its sustainability goals.

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