Merus Power delivers static compensator expansion modules to improve power quality in a steel plant

Merus Power has negotiated a major expansion contract for a Merus® STATCOM Static Synchronous Compensator it supplied back in 2017 to improve power quality. The delivery is scheduled for April-May 2022. The expansion of the compensator will enable the improvement of power quality and energy efficiency as well as fulfill the network requirements of the Adelca steel plant in Ecuador.

The Adelca plant in Ecuador shreds recycled steel and remelts it into raw material for the steel industry. Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world and can be recycled almost indefinitely without compromising its features. The steel industry is an energy-intensive business. By investing in energy efficiency, the amount of power required to manufacture products can be reduced.

The static compensator, which is expanded, stabilizes the voltage of the industrial plant in the medium voltage network. The device compensates for disturbances in the electrical network caused by load fluctuations from the Arc Furnace (AF) which is used to melt steel. The device optimizes the Arc Furnace to operate more efficiently, extends its lifetime, and reduces its need for maintenance. At the same time, the steel plant is able to meet electricity network requirements set by the network company.

“Our products represent high-quality and advanced technology with scalability that enables customers to achieve good power quality even as production and demands increase. Merus™ products can be expanded modularly according to customer needs. Our compensators can also be connected with our remote monitoring and maintenance feature called Merus® Remote Access and Monitoring Software. This supports the growth targets of our service sector and helps customers use their equipment effectively,” says Kari Tuomala, CEO of Merus Power

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