Enhancing EV charging performance by improving power quality

Segment background

The battery-operated truck industry has emerged as a transformative force within the transportation sector, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to the longstanding challenges of heavy-duty vehicle emissions and fossil fuel dependency. These electric trucks, powered by advanced lithium-ion battery technology, are gaining momentum as an integral component of modern urban logistics and long-haul transportation. With the promise of zero-emission operation and significant reductions in operating costs over the long term, battery-operated trucks are not only aligned with environmental objectives but also represent a strategic choice for businesses aiming to optimize their fleet operations, comply with tightening emissions regulations, and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for the global transportation industry.

Challenges at the customer’s facility

Driven by the need to comply with stringent grid code requirements, our customer recognized the necessity of improving power quality at their electric vehicle (EV) charging station. Specifically, they were facing challenges with harmonics, a common issue arising from the use of both AC and DC charging systems. The AC chargers, converting AC power to DC for the vehicles, were causing harmonic distortions in the electrical grid. DC fast chargers further compounded these harmonic problems, even introducing voltage fluctuations. To rectify these issues and meet grid code compliance, solutions like harmonic filters and active power factor correction were essential. Effective management of these harmonics is not only critical for maintaining the stability of the customer’s EV charging station but also impacts the integrity of the surrounding electrical infrastructure.

Our Merus® Solution

To address the harmonic issues in our customer’s EV charging station, the recommended solution is the use of Merus® A2 Active Harmonic Filters. Suggested and installed by our local partner, Power Capacitors Ltd, the Merus® A2 offers an efficient way to improve power quality. These filters are specifically designed to manage the harmonics introduced by both AC and DC chargers, thereby enhancing the system’s overall performance and reliability.

Incorporating Merus® A2 into the electrical setup involves its strategic placement to effectively reduce harmonic distortions from the charging units. By actively isolating and filtering out specific harmonic frequencies, the Merus® A2 contributes to improved power quality, reduced voltage distortions, and a more stable electrical grid. The IP31 design of Merus® A2 ensured a seamless and straightforward installation, aligning well with the site’s indoor setting and existing infrastructure.

Segment / Application

EV-charging station for battery operated trucks


United Kingdom

Power quality issue

  • High current harmonic distortion

Merus® Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Grid code compliance
  • Reduced wear and tear on electrical components
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer lifetime of sensitive electrical equipment
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Optimized performance of the charging system

Results after installation

Since installing the Merus® A2 Active Harmonic Filters, our customer’s EV charging station has experienced significant improvements, including reduced wear on electrical components and extended equipment life. These improvements have resulted in a more efficient system that not only complies with demanding grid codes but also contributes to a more sustainable electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The expertise provided by our local partner, Power Capacitors Ltd., was invaluable in achieving these outcomes.

The Merus® A2 Filters have effectively minimized the harmonic distortions originating from AC and DC chargers. This optimization has led to increased energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Thanks to these advancements, the customer’s EV charging station now operates with improved power quality and grid stability, fulfilling industry standards for both performance and sustainability.

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