Enhanced efficiency by harmonic reduction in hydrogen production

Segment background

Hydrogen is the most abundant molecule in the universe, however, it’s not freely available as it must be separated from other elements. Hydrogen, like petrol, is highly flammable as its simple structure consists of only one proton and one electron for each of the two atoms. The high flammability, that comes with an uncomplicated structure, also means we need to treat hydrogen and blended gas carefully, as we do natural gas, electricity, petrol, and other energy carriers.

Renewable hydrogen is blended with natural gas in order to supply it to nearby homes and businesses. The main asset in switching to gas for the end user is improved reliability compared to any home or business that runs on grid electricity. This particularly comes in handy when temperatures soar in the summer months and grids become susceptible to blackouts.

Challenges at the customer’s facility

This project was Australia’s first renewable hydrogen production facility to deliver renewable gas blends throughout an entire city’s existing network. Harmonic distortions posed significant challenges on the customer’s site, affecting their overall performance, efficiency, and reliability. In hydrogen plants, where electricity plays a crucial role in the electrolysis process, harmonic distortions can have several adverse effects.

After a thorough inspection, it was discovered, that without investing in an active harmonic filter, the customer would face reduced efficiency and possible equipment damage. Non-linear loads associated with rectifiers and power electronic converters in hydrogen plants are common sources of harmonic currents. These harmonics increase the apparent power in the system, leading to additional losses in transformers, cables, and other equipment. Consequently, the overall efficiency of the hydrogen production process may decrease, requiring more energy input to achieve the desired output.

Our Merus® Solution

After analyzing the measurements, it was determined that a power quality solution was needed to reduce the high current values to meet the desired limits. To address this, a Merus® A2-series Active Harmonic Filter solution was chosen and delivered. The installation of the solution was carried out by Ampcontrol, local partner of Merus Power. During the commissioning process, the Merus® A2 was configured to selectively mitigate the 5th, 7th, 11th, and 13th harmonic currents, effectively canceling them out.

These modules were chosen due to their high efficiency, minimal losses, and ability to operate autonomously. The selectable filter and protection capabilities of the Merus® modules further contributed to their suitability for the project. With the assurance of Ampcontrol’s support, the decision to opt for the Merus® A2 modules was made with confidence.

Segment / Application

Renewable hydrogen production facility



Power quality issue

High current harmonic distortion

Merus® Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Longer lifetime of electronic cards
  • Avoiding overheating of the transformer
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer lifetime of plant equipment

Results after installation

After the installation of Merus® A2, significant improvements were observed. The high harmonic current values were successfully reduced, bringing them below the required limits. The filter’s selectable harmonic mitigation mode effectively cancelled out the 5th, 7th, 11th, and 13th harmonic currents. The Merus® A2 modules, known for their high efficiency and autonomous operation, delivered excellent performance with low losses. The installation of the filter resulted in improved power quality, enhanced efficiency, and reduced harmonic distortions in the system.

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