Successfully securing the operational reliability of two of the UK’s leading food processing plants

The successful commissioning of Merus active harmonic filters has been completed in two of the leading food and beverage plants in UK. The first deliveries of Merus active harmonic filters were installed in a large sugar manufacturing facility and the second delivery was made to a whisky manufacturing plant.

Food and Beverage plants seek to avoid the unexpected breakdown of machinery, achieve higher process reliability and provide a longer service lifetime for equipment as well as a simultaneous improvement in power quality. This is precisely what our active harmonic filters have been employed for in these two food processing plants. The post-commissioning reports from both plants confirms that performance of our active harmonic filters has successfully met the customer requirements, says Adnan Zia, Area Sales Manager, Merus Power.

The food and beverage industry currently faces several challenges, including fluctuating consumer demand, rising operational costs and tightening environmental regulations. To address these challenges, the industry has evolved to incorporate a greater use of power electronics, automation and information management systems. However, the use of modern technology demands excellent power quality in order to ensure reliable plant operations.

Merus Power can fulfill that need through the delivery of active harmonic filters or Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ) solutions that reliably address power quality problems. These solutions are capable of solving a number of power quality issues – for example power outages, voltage sags, harmonic distortions and load unbalancing – leading to improved operational reliability.

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