Merus Power supplies power-quality solutions to a chain of department stores in Mexico

Merus Power has signed a substantial contract with its Mexican partner, PQ Barcon. The contract consists of over a hundred power-quality-improving active harmonic filters. The devices will be delivered at the end of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. The devices are installed by Merus Power’s local partner in tens of department stores around Mexico to improve energy efficiency and operational reliability. The delivery strengthens Merus Power’s technological position in Latin America.

“We have done long-term development work with our partners in Latin America, and results are starting to show. We want to support our customers’ energy efficiency projects and help improve their operational reliability,” says Merus Power’s Sales Director, Markus Ovaskainen.

Merus Power’s active harmonic filters will be installed in tens of department stores around Mexico to improve power quality. Active harmonic filters remove disturbances such as harmonic currents and voltage fluctuations from the department stores’ electrical network. After the installation of the devices in the department stores, the power quality improves, the electrical systems operate reliably without interruptions, and less maintenance is needed. At the same time, energy efficiency improves and power loss decreases.

“Our strength is our extensive engineering expertise, and we can support our customers in power quality and energy efficiency challenges from research to implementation. With the help of Merus Power’s products, we can offer our customers state-of-the-art technology for both low- and medium-voltage network development projects,” says Santiago Barcón, General Director of PQ Barcon.

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