Meet Merus Power at the SPS 2022 fair in Nuremberg, Germany

We are attending the SPS 2022 fair from 8.–10. November 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany!

Welcome to meet us! You can find Merus Power in Hall N10 at booth 201. You have the opportunity to get to know our Merus Team and learn about our scalable and versatile power quality solutions that we design and manufacture in Finland. Merus Power has designed an innovative technology solution that is simple for customers to use in variable frequency drive applications. We have the expertise to complement complex industrial environments with good power quality.

The SPS or Smart Production Solutions fair is dedicated to the technologies in the automation industry. With its unique concept, it is a source of inspiration and a platform for innovation for different companies visiting from around the world.

Merus Power is introducing a new active harmonic filtering solution for the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) market – Merus® 4DRIVES

Merus® 4DRIVES is an optimized active harmonic filter that is very easy to both operate and commission. It is our simple solution to complex power quality problems.

Even though variable frequency drives help meet increasingly demanding efficiency requirements, they are typically known to be the main source of power quality issues like harmonic currents. Poor power quality affects energy efficiency and can also result in disturbances to the electrical system. A network with high levels of harmonics can experience a wide range of costly issues. Overheating can cause sensitive and critical electrical components to break down prematurely and reduce the lifespan of all devices and equipment. In addition, high harmonic currents can also jeopardize the reliability of operations in critical facilities like data centers.

Be among the first to hear about our innovative new Merus® 4DRIVES solution and its advantages for the variable frequency drive market at the SPS 2022. We look forward to seeing you in person at the SPS 2022!

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