Merus Power Strikes Gold

Merus Power’s STATCOM has been chosen to improve power quality at a gold mine in Africa. Merus Power is delivering a STATCOM to South Africa to improve the energy efficiency, reliability and capacity of mine winders at the Kibali gold mine in the DRC. The signed contract is the third significant deal for the company in the mining and metallurgy industry.

South Africa is a global competence center for the mining industry. Success in the tender evaluation process and contract award is recognition to our new technology and capability to meet our customer’s problems cost efficiently. This reference will open up new global opportunities in the mining and metallurgy industry, where management of voltage stability and dynamic reactive power reduces the operating costs and increases capacity of the mine, states Sales Director Aki Leinonen. The systems are manufactured at the Merus Power factory in Nokia, Finland and will be delivered to customer by the end of June 2013.

Merus Power’s South African partner is the system integrator and is in charge of all other equipment in the 11kV substation and is responsible for turnkey contract. Merus Power’s innovative solutions and flexible, professional way of working enhances system integrators’ capabilities and meets the end customer requirements that drive the business, says Elco Grobler Director of DRA Mineral Recources (Pty).

Merus Power is fast growing Cleantech company. Its products active filters, STATCOMS and SVC systems improve power quality, save energy, improve productivity and enable grid connection of renewable energy according to grid code. The company is part of the TEKES’s innovative company finance program and Cleantech Finland is backed by Inventure Fund Ky.

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