Merus Power ensures its growth by moving to new premises

Merus Power is moving to a larger facility in Ylöjärvi, Finland in 2023. The purpose of the move is to enable our company’s growth, as the new premises offer better possibilities for production, product development, and logistics.

The move will happen in stages and mostly during the summer in order to ensure there are no interruptions in production. It will be completed by the end of 2023. The premises are being modified to meet Merus Power’s needs before the move. The new area in use will be 2.5 times larger totaling 4,600 m². This allows us to build modern product development and testing laboratories and guarantee comfort for our ever-growing staff doing hybrid work.

CEO Kari Tuomala is excited about the move and the new facility. “We have carefully prepared everything and are ensuring uninterrupted production workflow during the move. Our products are manufactured in Finland and the purpose of the new premises is to enable our further growth as a technology company.”

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