Merus® Active Harmonic Filter product family is now Listed to applicable standards and requirements by UL Solutions

We are proud to announce that our entire Merus® Active Harmonic Filter product family has now earned the UL Listed Mark. This is definitely a major accomplishment for us, further proving that our products are indeed high quality and highly reliable.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent company that creates and maintains industry-wide safety standards for electrical, mechanical, and chemical products. The UL Listing is a safety and quality approval intended for the North American and Canadian markets. The Listing guarantees high-quality and reliable products for the customer.

UL performs product testing and does follow-up audits to monitor compliance and product consistency. With the UL Listed Mark, customers can easily identify safe and quality products on the market.

Merus Power has earned a UL 508 / CSA C22.2 No. 14 Listing for its active harmonic filter product family. Our latest UL Listed products are the 600 VAC (690 VAC in other markets) active harmonic filters (50 A, 100 A, 125 A). The UL Listing is vital in the United States and Canada, and it gives us a competitive edge in these markets.

Safety should always be a priority

When it comes to dealing with electricity and devices that have current in them, safety should always be a concern. Maintaining a safe environment at all times is crucial, not just for facilities, but for precious human life as well. We take quality and safety seriously at Merus Power and have our products thoroughly tested at our own premises as well. Gaining the UL Listed Mark reassures us of our hard work to provide our customers with reliable and robust devices.

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