World leading semiconductor manufacturer to boost their performance with Merus Power Uninterrupted Power Quality solution

A leading manufacturer of read-only memory (ROM) products in Asia has chosen Merus Power’s UPQ system to replace their traditional UPS in order to reliably secure their critical manufacturing processes. The revolutionary Merus UPQ displaces traditional UPS technologies and shakes up the whole power backup industry.

Among the selection criteria were significantly low operation costs of Merus UPQ system, which are a fraction of those of a UPS system, and the required installation footprint is several times smaller. Customer also held in high regard the extra features which only UPQ can provide, such as built-in power quality improvement functionalities and superior cycle life time.

To quantify the advantages of the UPQ system over a traditional UPS system, the customer will save nearly 50 000 Euros per year in electricity costs during the 15 years lifetime of our solution. The customer is using 100sqm less building space per 1.6MVA of critical loads to be protected, along with associated savings in construction costs that this implies. As Transparency Market Research (TMR) company estimates, the global UPS market will reach USD 9,881.9 million by 2025. The market potential for Merus UPQ system is even greater than the estimation, due to the superior features of the UPQ system enabling investments in cases where traditional solutions were not found feasible.” Explains Aki Leinonen, Sales Director of Merus Power.

Traditional UPS systems lack the capability to actively cancel harmonic distortions, balance 3-phase loads and mitigate flicker from the network. Merus UPQ’s built-in power quality improvement functionality addresses such power quality problems in real time, helping critical process industries to save energy, extend the lifetime of electrical equipment and reduce operating costs. Ultra-capacitors bring added environmental value, as they generate less wastage than traditional batteries in UPS systems which generate tons of lead waste every five years in operation.

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