New Merus® A2 – Active Harmonic Filter brochures have arrived!

For us at Merus Power, exceeding our customers’ needs is at the heart of what we do. That is why we took action and put together brand new Merus® A2 – Active Harmonic Filter brochures to provide our customers with the information they need about our active filter easily and quickly.

Some of us want to understand products on a more general level and learn about their benefits, others prefer to concentrate on technical details and specifications. This is why we created not just one, but two brand new brochures for our Merus® A2 – Active Harmonic Filter. One of the brochures serves a more general purpose, explaining the applications and benefits. The other is for the more technically inclined and explains the operating principle of our active filter on a technical level.

Our new brochures will definitely quench your thirst for active filters. They contain valuable information about the features and advantages of our Merus® A2 – Active Harmonic Filtering solutions in various applications.

Why installing an active harmonic filter is important?

Power quality is becoming a critical issue in electrical environments as an industry, automation, and machinery are constantly increasing. Every day, more variable frequency drives (VFD) and other non-linear loads are being connected to electrical networks. They get increasingly sensitive to poor power quality issues that they often generate themselves. Poor power quality can appear in many shapes and forms, and it can cause heavy economic and technical issues if not properly mitigated. For example, the cost of power quality problems can be directly related to increased energy consumption or penalties, but also to hidden costs such as increased downtime, loss of production, equipment damage, or data loss.

Our Merus® A2 – Active Harmonic Filter reduces and mitigates such disruptions, improving the profitability and energy efficiency of customers’ operations and achieving significant energy and cost savings for them. In addition, by enabling better power quality in industrial and commercial applications, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and help customers achieve their sustainability goals.

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