Merus Power’s trading service to be deployed for Sallila Energia’s energy storage

Merus Power and Sallila Energia have entered into an agreement for trading services for Sallila Energia’s 1,7 MW energy storage. Sallila Energia’s energy storage will help maintain the frequency balance of the grid and create value by trading in wholesale electricity markets at times of high volatility.

“We want to be at the forefront of solving the challenges of the energy transition. Our energy storage will bring flexible capacity wherever it is needed most: for frequency balancing or to smooth out fluctuations in wholesale electricity prices. We have explored platform opportunities and trust Merus Power’s expertise in the Finnish energy market and its excellent ability to respond to possible future changes. As a local operator, Merus Power is a natural partner for us.” – Tarja Heinonen, CEO, Sallila Energia

Merus Power’s trading service includes optimization in both the wholesale electricity market and Fingrid’s frequency reserve markets. The service takes into account the technical requirements of each system and helps customers to find the best ways to participate in the market. Different market participation strategies imply different degradation for the batteries. The service aims to maximize battery life in addition to the market revenues.

“Merus Power provides a trading service that takes care of optimal use of the battery in relation to its customers’ core business. We take a holistic approach to customer value: in addition to trading, do they want to use the energy storage for securing the grid or reactive power compensation, for example? Optimization requires a broad understanding of energy storage technology, and that is why we can offer it to our customers.” – Lotta Dahl, Electricity Market Specialist at Merus Power.

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