Merus Power receives an energy storage order from Alpiq

Swiss-based Alpiq has placed an order with Merus Power to build a 30 MW/36 MWh energy storage facility in Valkeakoski to be connected to Fingrid’s grid. Merus Power has carried out the project development work and is responsible for the overall supply of the energy storage facility. In addition, the parties have concluded a contract for operation maintenance services. 

The delivery and commissioning of the energy storage facility is scheduled for summer 2025. The investment amounts to nearly EUR 20 million and includes an option to use Merus Power’s trading service in the future. 

The main function of the energy storage facility to be built in Valkeakoski is to support the balancing of generation and consumption in the grid by participating in Fingrid’s frequency reserve market. The energy storage facility will be one of the largest in Finland operating on the frequency reserve market in terms of power and energy capacity. 

“We have persistently increased the expertise of Merus Power’s energy storage team and developed our solutions to meet a wide range of market requirements. Our agreement with the internationally operating Alpiq both demonstrates the effectiveness of our energy storage strategy and contributes to the development of their market position in Finland.” – Mikko Marttala, Project Development Director at Merus Power.

Together for a better climate and an improved security of supply

Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity producer and energy service provider and is active throughout Europe. Alpiq has a low-carbon and flexible asset portfolio with a strong base of hydro and thermal plants, nuclear and renewable assets.

“This investment in a battery energy storage system (BESS) is a valuable contribution to strengthening security of supply in our European core markets and is in line with our corporate purpose. The energy transition requires more and more intermittent wind and solar energy capacities to be integrated. Alpiq can support this integration by combining our existing expertise in flexible generation with BESS investments.” – Lukas Gresnigt, Head International and member of the Alpiq Executive Board

Balancing electricity production and consumption is becoming increasingly important as renewable energy sources become more widespread. This change requires new solutions, as renewables make the fluctuations in the frequency of the electric grid faster and steeper. The energy storage facility in Valkeakoski will be able to react to these changes in milliseconds.

The modern energy storage facility supplied by Merus Power includes power electronics, intelligent software, and batteries that form a high-tech, high-quality package. With its exceptional expertise and technological know-how, Merus Power has the potential to act as a value chain builder for the entire business. All their products are designed and manufactured in Finland, where Merus Power holds a leading position in the market. Jones, Lang & LaSalle is advising Merus Power on the project to be build in Valkeakoski.

“We have tailored Merus Power’s energy storage software and services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our software provides customers with confidence simplicity in using their devices and getting the most out of their entire investment. Our customers can also rely on the compatibility of the hardware and software and the ability to react quickly to market changes. We are able to accommodate future requirements in our existing systems – thus maintaining high availability in both the short and long term.” – Kari Tuomala, CEO of Merus Power

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Project Development & Financing

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