Join Merus Power at the Perumin 36th Mining Convention in Peru

Merus Power is joining the upcoming Perumin 36th Mining Convention in Arequipa, Peru from 25 to 29 September, emphasizing the vital role of power quality in achieving both cost-efficiency and sustainability in the mining sector.

Power quality is an often-underestimated factor that can significantly impact the bottom line in mining operations. Poor power quality can lead to increased energy consumption, reduced equipment lifespan, and more frequent maintenance requirements. By deploying Merus Power’s cutting-edge power quality solutions, mining operations can greatly enhance energy efficiency and, as a result, realize significant cost savings.

In addition to power quality solutions, Merus Power also offers its battery energy storage system. This innovative technology brings added flexibility and security to mining operations by reducing reliance on expensive fuel used in generators. Although the primary focus is on power quality, the energy storage system complements this by ensuring a high-quality power supply even during power outages.

If you’re planning to attend the Perumin 36th Mining Convention, don’t miss the opportunity to meet Merus Power’s sales experts. They are available to discuss customized solutions that can take your mining business to the next level in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

With Merus Power, achieve a greener and more efficient future for your mining operations.

For further information or to set up a meeting, please contact:

Ville Julin

Sales Manager,
Energy Storage, Europe

Aki Tiira

Sales Manager,

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