| 13.3.2023

Merus® 4DRIVES – Active Harmonic Filter for VFD

Merus® 4DRIVES is an optimized active harmonic filter for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). It is our simple solution to complex power quality problems.

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| 10.3.2023

Merus® A2 – Active Harmonic Filter

Merus® A2 is a scalable, versatile, and durable active harmonic filtering solution designed and manufactured in Finland using innovative Merus® technology.

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| 16.8.2023

From battling harmonics to achieving high efficiency in a greenhouse facility

Results after installation By implementing this Merus® Solution, the indoor growth facility experienced several benefits. It achieved enhanced energy efficiency while minimizing harmonics. The adoption...

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| 20.4.2020

Mitigating harmonics and lowering noise pollution in a Finnish greenhouse

Results after installation With the solution, the 3rd, 5th, and 7th harmonics were mitigated with minimal noise pollution. As a result, harmonics were mitigated beyond...

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