Improving Budapest
Airport's Power Quality

Budapest Airport is Hungary's main international airport and second largest airport in the new EU member states.


Products for
commercial and industrial facilties

MERUS A-Series active filters can be flexibly applied to harmonic filtering and/or reactive power compensation applications.


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Products for
heavy industries

M-Series STATCOM ensures power system stability, reduces aging and maintenance costs and enhances energy efficiency.


Winning Business with Power Quality

Merus Power offers world-leading clean technology to improve power quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance. Our dynamic compensation solutions - active filters, STATCOMs, SVCs and UPQs - solve your power quality problems in no time. You will enjoy a swift payback on your investment: our solutions save energy, increase productivity and capacity and reduce energy costs. We provide our clients with world-class products, reliable Finnish technology, agile and flexible service, tailored solutions and true co-operation.

Merus Power is a member of Cleantech Finland.



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Wind and Solar Power

Mining Industry

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Oil and Gas Industry

Textile Industry